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There would be no fluttering police tape today

To keep the rubber necked back from the affray

No black holed, black glazed, spooky van

No undertaker's magic on an invisible man

No sunken faced lifeboat crew

No coastguard van bedecked in blue

No unemployed ambulance man

No helicopter scything sea air, with its fan


For a samaritan up on the cliff path

Had saved the dying day

A glowing lady up on the cliff path

Fleetingly smiled his way

Bringing warmth through stubble

To anchor human rubble

In safe harbour for now

No, no, no cliff top prow


Back crossing the seafront road a picture stared

Knees buckled, as his old soul was bared

Missing person - have you seen this man?

Oh, dear God, how he missed that man

Hooting, tooting, people shouting in vain

Ambulance man's arm, cranking up the merry-go-round, again 



Michael Ashby, Sidmouth

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