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Remembrance Sunday

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When god poured me
From his perfect mould
He forgot to tell me 
That I would get old
My skin would wrinkle
My hair would turn grey
And that even my sweet tooth
Would decay  

Dear god please
Take pity on me
And recast me in
Your foundry
A magnificent bronze
As smooth as can be
No lines, no grey
Just perfect immortality  

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Bereavement poems

  • Swan Song

    The swan silently crossed the river
    No reflection, no ripple in her wake
    Lit by a moving sunbeam, she crossed the water, Just, for my sake
    I sat down aboard her back
    As her head turned to me
    And she looked into my eyes, asking,
    Are you really, really, ready
    I nodded, as tears rained, from my face
    To join countless others in their river
    The swan started swimming & slowly singing, The most beautiful music
    I had ever heard in my life
    And then the swan suddenly changed
    From black into a dazzling white
    And I stopped crying and started smiling
    As together we crossed over
    Into the most brilliant of light

    Michael Ashby, Sidmouth

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You're all on God's conveyor belt

You're heading for a fall

But heaven's got no gravity

So I'm dancing above you all

Work out what you want from life

And make your dreams come true

You could

Watch the sun rise on pyramids

Or set on Uluru

You could

Walk on China's greatest wall

Or trek to Timbuktu

You could

Aim high upon the Eiffel tower

Or higher at Machu Picchu

You're all on God's conveyor belt

You're heading for a fall

But heaven's got no gravity

So I'm dancing above you all

Your music's singing in my soul

As I sway on the Tor above

But beyond all that I've said before

I just hope that you find love






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