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I thoroughly enjoyed Michael Ashby's own collection and in particular the classical selection. It was comforting at a sad time and I found the time for reflection reading these poems valuable, soothing and enlightening. (Jenny)

As a minister, it is a constant search to find fresh, meaningful material to utilize to lift those in mourning and loss. Michael's book is wonderful with an English (UK) 'accent'. His poetry is clever and diverse, easy to follow with a depth of understanding which reaches out well. I have incorporated Michael Ashby's works in my work and effort to extend comfort to others. Additionally Michael has old poems on the funeral subject by those who have gone before us. Good touch. I am grateful to have Michael Ashby's book of poetry, FUNERAL POEMS in my 'tool box' ready to serve others, including myself. (Rosalind Russell) 

Inspired by the mystical traditions of his homeland and the classic poets, and with humor and deep meaning, Michael Ashby speaks of the passage we must all make from this earthly realm to the realm of Spirit from which we've come. May his words speak in your deepest heart and bring peace to your soul. (R. Brian Lyke)  

This book is a wonderful collection of original works and historical poems that can bring great comfort before and after loss. As a death midwife, I am always looking for resources to create meaningful end of life ritual. Mr. Ashby's book provides a wealth for loved ones to choose from while giving perspective on the universal themes of death and loss. (Paige Hetherington, GraceFul Dying))

In conducting funerals for a living, Michael Ashby's book is very helpful when writing a life tribute and building the funeral service around a theme. The poem 'Life Goes On ' is especially poignant. My favorite original poem in the book is about a golfer playing a round 'at the golf course in the sky". There are so many poems to choose from in this book. The second half of the book focuses on famous poems from Emily Dickinson to William Shakespeare. This is a great resource to keep on a Celebrant or Pastor's bookshelf. It would also be helpful for people who take an active role in helping with family members' tributes, farewells or funeral services. Nicely done! (Pamela M. Vetter)  

I am a Life-Cycle Celebrant and am often called upon to officiate Celebrations of Life. This is a wonderful compilation of poems to use during such an occasion, some I wasn't even aware of and will use in the future. 

(Melissa A Grewenow)  

As a Death Doula and Hospice Volunteer, Ashby's book is a resource and a comfort to have at hand. This is a terrific compilation of not only Ashby's original works, but many heart-warming and well chosen classics. In times of grief it can be difficult to focus on a tome, this book offers a more digestible format that is apppropriate and travels well. Blessings! (A. Maranell)

A must-have Funeral Poems book! This is a lovely, thoughtful treasure trove of end of life and funeral poems written and assembled by Michael Ashby. The depth of detail and the warmth of emotion assure that there is at least one, if not many, selections sure to fit any situation. This is a must-have for anyone in service to others at the end of life and those who officiate funerals, memorials and life celebrations. My thanks to Michael Ashby for sharing his heart and soul with the rest of us. (HeartSpeaking) 

We need books like these because sometimes it's just hard to come up with words of our own. As a death doula and someone who has sat with many in grief, this book is a wonderful resource. Mr. Ashby has touched many lives with his poetry and I'm sure will touch many more. (Junebug) 

Wow! The depth, breath, and thoughtfulness of these poems blew me away. The second poem "A Brief Matter" was so eloquent in it's simplicity and meaning that really, it shocked me. My absolute favorite poem though was "Ghosts of the Fallen"; the poem really made me think about "Who makes the decisions for whom?", "Based upon what?" and "Was the decision worth it?". The best part of the book of funeral poems are the published responses that others submitted in response to a certain poem. It is almost like having a "one person book club" reading and reflecting upon other reader's opinion . Very cool. (Lisa Oliver, Ed.D, GC-C) 
This is a Treasure. Ashby's collection is a "must have" for all ministers, celebrants and chaplains. The book contains an excellent selection of  classic favorites. However, the real treasure lies within Ashby's own beautiful words of original poetry. Each selection touched my heart in its own places of grief. And each selection carries a grain of hope and connection to those that we mourn. This is an excellent resource for bereavement groups, memorial serices, and personal reflection. (Caroline)
An excellent resource and book for the professional celebrant and beloved family member and friend alike. You will find the reading you need - whether a tender original from Michael Ashby or an old or new favorite by a famous poet/writer. Michael's book offers comfort and will let you sit and carve out the space and time you need. Michael's book reminds you to be gentle with yourself and sit down and have a cup of tea. (Dorry B.)  
Compassionate Collection. A lovely and very useful collection of poetry suitable for funeral ceremonies and memorial services.
A jewel of a collection.
These poems will give a lot of comfort to many hearts. (R. Bass)

Invaluable resource when funeral planning. I am a Professional Independent Celebrant and have found this book of poems invaluable as a resource for myself and families. With poems that raise a much needed smile in those times of grief, as well as the more traditional ones. A book well put together and offering help to those at their time of need. Brilliant! (Jules)

A beautifully crafted book! As a professional celebrant, I was really pleased by the wide range of both famous and personal poems included in this book.
It is proving to be a great resource for my business and is very helpful for bereaved families who are planning a funeral for their loved one.
Thank you! (E Westlake)

A good mix of old, popular and new poetry. As a civil funeral celebrant, Michael's book is a really valuable asset. It is good to find some original poems that are well written and fairly general, especially the ones about different sports. Often when found in other places original poetry is very specific about a person so it is not always suitable. A good mix of older more traditional verse, popular poems and fresh original verse from Michael. His poems fill a gap. A book that will be one of the first that I reach for when looking for poetic inspiration. Thank You Michael. (Susan Holden)

Michael has a true gift and this book will bring comfort to many people. We have read one of these poems at my mother's funeral and now the book is with our son, a funeral director who has found it so very helpful in peoples' times of grief. (David S.)
Large collection of very beautiful poems. (Yvonne Hurley)
Celebration of Life. As am Independent Celebrant I am always looking for new poems to offer to families and this book is excellent. My personal favourite is "Life goes On" as it sums up the celebration of life. Highly recommended (Amazon Customer)
I met Michael and he kindly gave me a copy of his Poetry. I loved many of the poems he wrote because of the personal and powerful insights. It is so good to have these to hand as they provide a source of poems which are outside of the standard and well known words that exist. Aly Dickinson, End of Life Doula. (Alizoun Dickinson)
A collection worth having. This is a useful resource. As well as the authors own work it holds a selection of well known poems that are appropriate for funerals. Celebrants are always looking for poems that relate to different sports, hobbies and interests to personalise a service, this collection makes a great tool. Michael Ashby's emotive work manages to convey the words and thoughts that bubble to the surface during these reflective events. (Amazon Customer)



A Brief Matter   10

A Cricketer’s Last Boundary   11        

A Goddess Awaits    12

A Leap Of Faith   13 

A Long Cup Of Tea   15

Angels   18

A Miscarriage Of Justice   19

Bingo!   20

Calmer   21

Christ The Redeemer   22

Condor   23

Cruising The Supernova   24

Do Not Be Afraid   25

Fortifying The Spirits   26

Funeralissimo   27   

Galapagos   28

Game, Set and Match   29

Ghosts Of The Fallen   30

Glastonbury   31

God Bless You Beautiful Children   32

Golden Moments   33

Good God   34

Grandpa’s Lost His Gr   35

Heaven On Earth   36

Hook, Line and Sinker   37

I Am Not Gone   38

In The Line Of Duty   43

I Want To Be Buried With My Mobile Phone   44

Just In Case   45

Life And Death And Life   46

Life Goes On   47

Life Sculpture   48

Madiba (Nelson Mandela) And The Lion   49

Maya Angelou   50

Milking The Moments   51

My Eco Death   52

My Last Assembly   53

My Light Will Shine Forever   54

My Mum  55

Nashville On God’s Radio   57

Off To The Races   58

Old Age Isn’t For Wimps   59

One Last Flutter   60

Put Out To Seed Again   61

Rainbows On The Moon   62

Remembrance Sunday   64

Salcombe’s Estuary Orchestra   65

Sleeping ‘Au Naturel’   66

Sun Arise   67

Swan Song   68

Tears In My Heart   69

The Clutha Vaults   70

The Golf Course In The Sky   71

The Passing Of A Footballer   72

The Rugby Player’s Last Try   73

True Love Never Dies   74

We Are Not Gone   75

Your Greatest Test   76

888,246   77



ALLINGHAM Everything Passes And Vanishes 80

ALLINGHAM Four Ducks On A Pond 81

BRADSTREET To My Dear And Loving Husband 82

BRENT The Ship 83

BRONTE The Old Stoic 84

BROOKE The Soldier 85

BROWNING E. How Do I Love You, Let Me Count  …The Ways 86

BROWNING R. Home Thoughts From Abroad 87

BURNS Epitaph On A Friend 88

BYRON She Walks In Beauty 89

BYRON So, We’ll Go No More A Roving 90

COLERIDGE A Knight’s Tomb 91

DAVIES Leisure (What Is This Life If Full Of Care) 92

DICKINSON A Coffin Is A Small Domain 93 DICKINSON A Cloud Withdrew From The Sky 94

DICKINSON After Great Pain, A Formal Feeling   …Comes 95

DICKINSON Because I Could Not Stop For Death 96   

DICKINSON If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking …97    

DICKINSON I Shall Know Why When Time Is Over …98

DICKINSON Parting 99

DONNE Death Be Not Proud 100

FRYE Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep 101

GIBRAN Death 102

GIBRAN Joy And Sorrow 104

GRAY Elegy Written In A Country Churchyard 105

GRAY Epitaph On A Child   110

HERBERT Life 111

HERRICK To Daffodils 112   

HERRICK Upon A Child That Died 113

HOLLAND Death Is Nothing At All 114

JONSON On my First Sonne 115

KEATS Bright Star 116

KEATS Endymion 117

KEATS His Last Sonnet 118

KEATS To Sleep 119

KEATS When I Have Fears That I May Cease To Be …120

LONGFELLOW A Psalm Of Life 121

LONGFELLOW The Cross Of Snow 123

OLDYS On A Fly Drinking Out Of His Cup 124

ROSSETTI A Dirge 125

ROSSETTI Remember 126

ROSSETTI The First Spring Day 127

ROSSETTI Up-Hill 128

ROSSETTI When I Am Dead, My Dearest 129

SHAKESPEARE All The World’s A Stage 130

SHAKESPEARE Aye But To Die And Go We Know   …Not Where 131


SHAKESPEARE Fidele’s Dirge 133  

SHAKESPEARE Our Revels Now Are Ended 134   

SHAKESPEARE Shall I Compare Thee To A …Summers Day 135   

SHAKESPEARE Sonnet 29 136   

SHAKESPEARE Sonnet 30 137   

SHAKESPEARE Sonnet 55 138    

SHAKESPEARE Sonnet 60 139

SHAKESPEARE Sonnet 116 140

SHAKESPEARE Tomorrow, And Tomorrow, And …Tomorrow 141

SHAKESPEARE Where The Bee Sucks, There                                                              …Suck I   142

SHELLEY A Lament   143

SHELLEY Music, When Soft Voices Die 144

SHELLEY Mutability 145

SHELLEY Ozymandias 146

SHELLEY To Jane: The Keen Stars Were Twinkling      …147

TENNYSON Adonais (from) 148

TENNYSON Break, Break, Break 149

TENNYSON Crossing The Bar 150

TENNYSON In Memoriam (from) 151

TENNYSON There Is A Solemn Wind Tonight 152

WORDSWORTH A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal 153

WORDSWORTH Composed Upon Westminster …Bridge 154

WORDSWORTH I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud 155

WORDSWORTH My Heart Leaps Up When I Behold …156

WORDSWORTH Ode: Intimations Of Immortality …From Recollections Of An Early Childhood (Last …Lines) 157

ANONYMOUS A Celtic Blessing 159

ANONYMOUS If Tears Could Build A Stairway 160

ANONYMOUS Not, How Did He Die, But How Did …He Live 161

ANONYMOUS The Unquiet Grave 162

ANONYMOUS Traditional Gaelic Blessing 164

ANONYMOUS Western Wind, When Will Though …Blow 165

ANONYMOUS When I Am Dead, Cry For Me A Little 166