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Animals Save The World: NO MORE PLASTIC

Written by my 7 year old grandson Zac with a tiny bit of grandpa help. In paperback on Amazon UK &

Amazon US.

'An uplifting and humorous Christmas story for children up to 99 years old! Team Animal takes on the might of The World Plastics Factory during Christmas Eve to stop plastic production forever. Led by Jump, a fearless squirrel monkey, their cunning plan unfolds after being launched with Operation FLYING POO by McGreedy, a golden eagle who loves haggis. With hundreds of sleeping sloths, elephants, orangutans, giraffes, rats, and many others, what could possibly go wrong? With PC Noel Pudding and the world media watching every move, will they succeed and help save the world? Support Team Animal and read on. A touch of Christmas magic might help them and you.' 

 Animals Save The World  

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