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Funeral Poems For A Grandpa: "Grandpa's Lost His Gr"






My grandpa has lost his gr

And gone to ‘andpa land

It’s where all the tired ‘andpas go

When they depart the family band


So now whenever I’m hurt

Or my troubles are too much for me

I remember sitting up on my grandpa’s knee

Safe within his grandpa zone

All in a little world of our own

With wisdom, patience, humour and guile

There’s nothing that couldn’t be sorted by grandpa’s smile


Boys will be boys

And men will be men

But only the best of them

End up as grandpas in the end


If you ever hear the roar of thunder

   Late at night

Don’t hide under your duvet

   Out of sight

Someone’s just left open

   The ‘andpa land door

And boy

   Oh boy

A herd of ‘andpas

   Can’t half snore


Michael Ashby 

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