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One, two, three, one, two, three… three, two, one

My last, terrestrial dance has begun

I’ll start with a Viennese waltz to surprise you all

And put my best foot forward so I don’t fall

As I spin around on the famed sprung dance floor

I do hope the judges don’t show me the door


Smoothly leaving the oak, walnut and mahogany behind

I turn and ascend to commence my climb

Ballroom dancing has always been my passion

An Argentinian tango wrapped around my heart

A love affair from the very beginning

That I would never leave or part


The placed and balanced footwork

My flowing foxtrot and quickstep feet  

Precede my dramatic paso doble styling

As I swiftly rise on the beat

Shining in my salsa, I eventually stop

Admiring Blackpool’s lights from the very top 


A final plier (pli-ye)

In salute to you all

I’m now off free dancing

To the Galaxy ball

So, it’s ta ta to you 

As I cha cha from view

Farewell dearest Blackpool

My beloved friend

I do hope that strict judge 

Finally gave me a ten


Michael Ashby, Sidmouth

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