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As I leave this final harbour, and head for other shores


Remember me with kindness, and cry for me no more


I see my favourite fishing ground, that special place to trawl


I'll miss our times together, you know I’ll miss you all


Please smile - be glad, don't look so sad


You know where I will be


I'm going out there fishing, with the Captain of the Sea


From now until forever, when people ask of me


Say Charlies gone out fishing, and he's happiest at sea


Shaun McCrickett

'In loving remembrance of Charles Richard (Charlie) Wright, the best father you could ask or wish for. This painting is of dad going out to sea in one of the boats he built. It was called the Horace Wright after Charlies father Horace: he used to say Winston Churchill named a boat after his father so he was going to do the same. One of his friends wrote a book with him about building it.'



Frank J Delaney & Charlie Wright (The Builder)


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