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"I Am Not Gone", While you remember with me.... my 'flagship' bereavement poem on Facebook now has over 1 million likes on Facebook. 

Public Facebook Comments from over 9,000....

"I am very much surprised wen i went through all the comments n replies...n came to knew that every life is different... I always used to think that i was the one who always faces the sad....this poem...followed by comments...made me realize that sad,joy,anger etc...are also a part of life.....I very much appreciate the Death, Funeral, Bereavement Poems for such great thoughts conveyed as poems...Thanks alot....." SHARANYA TERESA 28.10.16😊

"Very fine poems about the last truth of the life" Mahesh Chander Jhunthra 26.10 16


"I have read all the above including the posted one... I almost felt to my knees.‬

‪My grandma dead last two years back ‬

‪After she left me there's no one to tell a fairytale and about the lifestyle of my great great forth father.‬

‪I miss granma! I miss her voice ‬

‪Miss her folk song that she sang to me.‬

‪I miss the song from her radio that she played by the evening.‬

‪Miss her and I hope that she always watch me from the above (heaven)‬

‪In every situation that I am facing." Santosh Kumar Golemi 27.10 .16‬


"Oh mummy tears neve stop flowing in my eyes sinse 2007 you left me no woman cares of me as you did, my life is not desame sins you went home, i wish to se you mummy.' Chrestheo Peace 27.10 16‬  

 "I miss my son my only son he took my heart to heaven with him he was 20 years old went to sleep an his heart just stopped beating I wish I'd known I would have given him mine" Shannon Bolding 23.10 16  

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