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"A Brother And A Butterfly" by Suzanne Simonovich, from her book " Forty Poems For Restless Nights: Prayer In Poetry"




Though we're apart

You've made your presence known.

In a moment you are here,

And I pretend we are having conversation once again.

I know you hear me;

I feel your gentle response encouraging me

As you strategically sit on flowers or brush against my shoulder

On a warm summer day.

And when I close my eyes, your light remains.

I feel you near amid the night;

When I wake, You are still here 

Soft on my cheek no reason for flight


Suzanne Simonovich

So whoever is in Christ is a new creation: The old things have passed away; behold new things have come; and all this is from God who has reconciled us to himself through Christ. Corinthians 2:5


From Suzanne's book, "Forty Poems For Restless Nights: Prayer In Poetry" available from:




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