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"A Mother's Loss" by Amanda Jane Penny, from the book "Journey To The Rainbow"




It was 2 years ago today

When the angels decended and led you away

The sun was hot in the august sky

Yet I was left with my grief, to wonder why

Why were you taken so very young

When your life had only just begun

But in time I realized jesus had other plans

As you were touched by angels' hands

He was missing an angel he said

As he gently touched your auburn head

And so it came to be 

That although you are not here

You're still close to me

With wisdom and spiritual eyes I see

That you are learning in heaven every day

Sending signs to us along your way


2 years on today

How much I've grown within, I'd say!

I hold your memory in my heart

And know we'll never be apart

You are only a thought away 

As I look at your picture and pray

I miss you dearly

And the pain is still deep

As you appear sometimes when I sleep

I may have walked through the valley of tears

But your passing gave me courage beyond my years

And it comforts me you are not alone

For you are happy in your spiritual home

Your soul is at peace

And free from pain

Rejoicing when we will meet again!


Amanda Jane Penny 


Please visit: journeytotherainbow.net



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