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Accident & Emergency Poem: "War Zone" by Michael Ashby






The General consulted the clock, coughed anxiously

And addressed the indispensable officers and troops

Night was dawning upon the group

They all knew that between two and four in the the morning

With the human body at it's lowest ebb

The climax of yet another life and death attack

Would engulf them all


They were the outstanding line of defence

While shots echoed around the city

And deadly cocktail bombs exploded in confined venues

They acknowledged the General's pains

To fortify their spirits

By keenly checking the readiness of their weapons


Hunkered down in the bowels of their building

Combat would be largely hand to hand

And since retreat was not an option

They readied their knives of cutting steel

Their special tasers that could still a heart

And as a final resort, designer chemical weapons

Firing minute doses to take out one attacker at a time


The sirens grew louder

And the first attack wave burst upon them


Ten exhausting hours later, removing protective eyewear

The General surveyed the bodies

Littering the blood, urine, vomit, shit stained floor

At the sound of relief troops arriving

A soul began to thaw

And the General glanced up at the flickering neon sign

Welcome to the Accident and Emergency Department 


It was almost enough to turn a strong person to drink


Michael Ashby



Dedicated to all Accident & Emergency staff throughout the world, who selflessly stand prepared to fight against death on our behalf 24/7.


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