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It’s magical to put my feet up 

After so many farming years

I’d often wondered what it felt like

As I wrestled with my tractor’s gears


A mini log burner would have been a nice touch

But the health and safety killjoys probably prevailed

A premature cremation at my ceremony

Would leave my service somewhat derailed


So, no more worries about the weather

Or whether my overdraft will outgrow me

No more fretting about officialdom

Or quickly finding a hedge for a long overdue pee


I’ll miss the wonders of mother nature

That fed my soul and stomach true

And I’ll miss the natural life cycles

That’ve eventually claimed me too


Farewell my animals and to the birds and bees

Goodbye dearest worms and insects too

Not forgetting all my love to family and friends

And of course I’ll never forget you


I’m off to my new farm in the sky

In control of my own destiny now

I’ll email my new address when I arrive

I just wish I’d brought my favourite cow


Michael Ashby (Sidmouth)


(Funeral poem for a farmer.)

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