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Welcome everybody

To my last surgery today

I thought it best to check you out

Before I go away

I’m hopeful your teeth are all pristeen

As you sit in two arcs of sixteen

With the wisest obviously at the ends

And wishing all canines to be friends


So please, all open wide 

If you don’t mind

And I’ll crack on 

Since I’m the one in a bind

Well, the good news is 

I didn’t find a thing

So rinse, gargle and spit

Before you sing


I knew my teeth would outlive me 

It just the way it has to be

So farewell to my aching back and knees

And goodbye to bad breath and unpaid fees

No more drilling, filling and X-rays

Farewell to toothpaste and decays


A dentist's life

It's been for me

But now it’s time 

To say farewell to thee


Michael Ashby, Sidmouth  

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