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"Granny Moore" by Tink Linn






God knew the life he'd planned for you

And the struggles it would bring

So he gave to you a band of angels

To comfort and protect you through everything


Each time you opened your heart

And touched a gentle soul

Before you were aware of it 

Your wings began to grow


Each time you shared your love with others

And told them of eternity

Your wings grew even bigger 

For all the world to see


Small deeds go unnoticed

And soon a halo grows

You hear celestial music

Only heavens angels know


When you spoke it was God's word

But you did much more than talk

Living in God's image

Is the path you always walked


Your love was unconditional

Always by our side

When no one else would listen

In you we could confide


With gentle words of wisdom

You would lead us on our way

Down the paths of righteousness 

If ever we did stray


Each of us pray that someday

We can be everything you hoped we would

That you're smiling down from heaven

Knowing that you did Good!


Tink (Linn)


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