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Funeral Poems For A Golfer : "The Golf Course In The Sky"





As eighteen flags flew at half mast, and

Glasses were soberly raised high

The latest member was having a ball

At the golf course in the sky


Freed from the gravity of the situation

The first tee shot soared through space

Bringing a wondrous, beaming smile

To a kind, down to earth face


Surrounded by old club friends

Once thought never to be seen again

The infinity course beckoned ahead

Eighteen holes were for mere mortal men


Michael Ashby

This poem is on Page 71 of my FUNERAL POEMS book available NOW through AMAZON in Paperback & KINDLE

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1 comment for "Funeral Poems For A Golfer : "The Golf Course In The Sky""

  1. Well done Michael. I too, have written a poem about golf in heaven: Heavenís Golf My joy is full for I now know thereís golf in Paradise. Iím on the seventh hole and this course is REALLY nice! Fairways are all plush and green. The sun shines day and night. You never walk from ball to ball, but move around by flight. Heaven has no green fees, and carts arenít needed here. Just name the club you want, and in a flash it will appear. Golf balls are the color gold. They sparkle and they shine. And if you hit one out of play it isnít hard to find. But one thingís disappointing, and to me has been made clear. Though glorious and beautiful, my scoreís no better here. Ron Tranmer©

    Posted by Ron Tranmer on May 23rd 2016 @ 02:00pm

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