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P1000151 The funeral poem website was first established in the hope that one of Michael Ashby's modern funeral poems would resonate with, and help, someone, somewhere, at the saddest of times.

This website has grown to include famous funeral poems, and has now touched hundreds of thousands of lives in 172 countries around the globe. Michael's Facebook page Death, Funeral, Bereavement Poems is currently reaching over one million Facebook users annually.


Every second of every day

A tsunami of mortal loss

Crashes blindly onto

The beach of human anguish

Driven by howls of unimaginable pain


To be eventually calmed by

The huge cornerstones of family

Loved ones, friends.... and

For some, religious beliefs


My poems are the smallest

Grain of sand on that beach

But even they glisten from

A teardrop now and again


Michael (Ashby)